Posted: 11:04 pm Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Future of West Palm’s charter review in flux 

By Andrew Abramson

No word Thursday on what the future holds for West Palm Beach’s charter review, that was cancelled abruptly on Wednesday by Mayor Frankel.

In an e-mail Thursday, a city spokesman reiterated that Frankel would have further discussions about the review with commissioners, and added it could possibly be at Monday’s Mayor/Commission work session. There might also be a budget meeting before that work session.

While the possibility of discussing mayoral term limits was the hot topic to most of the public, there were plenty of other issues to discuss in the charter review, like commission term limits and term lengths, the mayor and commission’s overall power, special elections, etc. Everything was on the table for discussion. The committee can only recommend changes — the commissioners would still have to send it to the voters to alter the charter.

So what comes next? Do you support holding a charter review this year with a panel chosen by the mayor and commissioners?