Posted: 2:40 pm Thursday, March 31st, 2011

2011 football schedules for Palm Beach County public schools 

By Matt Porter

The last square on the grid has been filled, old rivalries will be renewed and new ones will be created: The 2011 Palm Beach County football season is coming into focus.

Where the magic happens.

Where the magic happens.

Palm Beach County Athletic Administrator Yetta Greene has the unenviable task of solidifying football schedules for the 23 schools in the Palm Beach County Athletic Conference, which consists of the county’s public schools plus Cardinal Newman High. It’s a process that begins with a lot of requests and ends with a lot of compromise.

It’s not as simple as taking last year’s schedules and flipping the home/away teams. Because the FHSAA re-orders district assignments every two years, new district games must be created. Some schools wish to play out-of-area teams and many have preference of their non-district opponents. That leaves Greene to solve a challenging puzzle before schedules are to be submitted to the FHSAA March 31.

“Everyone got some of what they asked for, but no one got everything they asked for,” Greene said, jokingly calling today “complain-about-everything day.”

One request that was granted came from the schools in the new Class 8A. After this year’s FHSAA redistricting, Palm Beach County now has two 8A districts. Since teams in those districts could meet in the first round of the regional playoffs, the schools requested that 8A district games be played before Week 11.

Scanning the schedule, Week 1 should be one to remember. Dwyer travels to Glades Central after the teams took a year off from playing each other, Atlantic hosts another outstanding young team in American Heritage, West Boca Raton hosts crosstown rival Boca Raton and Santaluces welcomes (if you can call it that) Park Vista.

Some other matchups to watch include Seminole Ridge at Dwyer on Sept. 16, King’s Academy at Cardinal Newman and Suncoast at Palm Beach Lakes on Sept. 30, and Suncoast at Glades Central on Oct. 7, in which new Chargers coach Jessie Hester returns to face his alma mater. The Muck Bowl, Pahokee at Glades Central, will be played Nov. 11.

2011 Palm Beach Athletic Conference Football Schedules
All games are Friday, 7 p.m. until further notice. Some games of Oct. 7 may be moved to Thursday, Oct. 6 because of Yom Kippur, and some games may be moved to Thursday because of ESPN 760-AM’s Game of the Week. *Asterisk denotes district game.

ATLANTIC – District 13-7A
9/2 vs. American Heritage
9/9 at Boca Raton
9/16 at Pahokee
9/23 at Santaluces*
9/30 vs. Spanish River*
10/7 vs. West Boca Raton*
10/14 bye
10/21 vs. Dwyer*
10/28 at Royal Palm Beach*
11/4 at Lake Worth*
11/11 vs. Jupiter

BOCA RATON – District 10-8A
9/2 at West Boca Raton
9/9 vs. Atlantic
9/16 vs. Jupiter
9/23 bye
9/30 at Glades Central
10/7 at John I. Leonard*
10/14 vs. Palm Beach Gardens
10/21 vs. Park Vista*
10/28 at Seminole Ridge
11/4 at Palm Beach Central*
11/11 at Olympic Heights

BOYNTON BEACH – District 14-5A
9/2 at Wellington
9/9 bye
9/16 vs. Forest Hill
9/23 at Suncoast*
9/30 at Olympic Heights
10/7 vs. Fort Pierce Westwood*
10/14 bye
10/21 vs. Jensen Beach*
10/28 vs. Inlet Grove
11/4 at Glades Central*
11/11 vs. Cardinal Newman

9/2 at Inlet Grove
9/9 vs. Pahokee*
9/16 at Suncoast
9/23 bye
9/30 vs. King’s Academy*
10/7 vs. Wellington
10/14 at Pope John Paul II*
10/21 vs. Calvary Christian*
10/28 vs. American Heritage*
11/4 at Benjamin*
11/11 at Boynton Beach

DWYER – District 13-7A
9/2 at Glades Central
9/9 vs. Jupiter
9/16 vs. Seminole Ridge
9/23 at Spanish River*
9/30 vs. West Boca Raton*
10/7 bye
10/14 at Santaluces*
10/21 at Atlantic*
10/28 vs. Lake Worth*
11/4 vs. Royal Palm Beach*
11/11 at Wellington

FOREST HILL – District 14-6A
9/2 LaBelle
9/9 Berean Christian
9/16 at Boynton Beach
9/23 vs. South Fork*
9/30 bye
10/7 at Okeechobee*
10/14 vs. St. Andrew’s
10/21 vs. Olympic Heights*
10/28 at Sebastian River*
11/4 at Palm Beach Lakes*
11/11 vs. Inlet Grove

GLADES CENTRAL – District 14-5A
9/2 vs. Dwyer
9/9 vs. Plantation
9/16 at American Heritage
9/23 bye
9/30 vs. Boca Raton
10/7 vs. Suncoast*
10/14 at Park Vista
10/21 at Fort Pierce Westwood*
10/28 at Jensen Beach*
11/4 vs. Boynton Beach*
11/11 vs. Pahokee

JOHN I. LEONARD – District 10-8A
9/2 at Jupiter
9/9 at Royal Palm Beach
9/16 vs. Wellington
9/23 vs. Lake Worth
9/30 at Palm Beach Gardens
10/7 vs. Boca Raton*
10/14 at Seminole Ridge
10/21 vs. Palm Beach Central*
10/28 bye
11/4 at Park Vista*
11/11 vs. Suncoast

JUPITER – District 9-8A
9/2 vs. John I. Leonard
9/9 at Dwyer
9/16 at Boca Raton
9/23 vs. Palm Beach Gardens*
9/30 vs. Park Vista
10/7 bye
10/14 at Palm Beach Central
10/21 at Wellington*
10/28 vs. Santaluces
11/4 vs. Seminole Ridge*
11/11 at Atlantic

LAKE WORTH – District 13-7A
9/2 vs. Olympic Heights
9/9 vs. Palm Beach Central
9/16 at West Boca Raton*
9/23 at John I. Leonard
9/30 bye
10/7 vs. Santaluces*
10/14 at Spanish River*
10/21 vs. Royal Palm Beach*
10/28 at Dwyer*
11/4 vs. Atlantic*
11/11 at Palm Beach Gardens

OLYMPIC HEIGHTS – District 14-6A
9/2 at Lake Worth
9/9 vs. Suncoast
9/16 at Spanish River
9/23 at Palm Beach Lakes*
9/30 vs. Boynton Beach
10/7 vs. Sebastian River*
10/14 bye
10/21 at Forest Hill*
10/28 at South Fork*
11/4 vs. Okeechobee*
11/11 vs. Boca Raton

PAHOKEE – District 7-3A
9/2 at Royal Palm Beach
9/9 at Cardinal Newman*
9/16 vs. Atlantic
9/23 vs. Benjamin*
9/30 at American Heritage*
10/7 vs. Seminole Ridge
10/14 vs. Calvary Christian*
10/21 at King’s Academy*
10/28 vs. Pope John Paul II*
11/4 bye
11/11 at Glades Central

9/2 at Seminole Ridge
9/9 at Lake Worth
9/16 at Palm Beach Gardens
9/23 vs. Royal Palm Beach
9/30 at Wellington
10/7 vs. Park Vista*
10/14 vs. Jupiter
10/21 at John I. Leonard*
10/28 bye
11/4 vs. Boca Raton*
11/11 vs. Palm Beach Lakes

9/2 at Palm Beach Lakes
9/9 vs. West Boca Raton
9/16 vs. Palm Beach Central
9/23 at Jupiter*
9/30 vs. John I. Leonard
10/7 bye
10/14 at Boca Raton
10/21 at Seminole Ridge*
10/28 at Park Vista
11/4 vs. Wellington*
11/11 vs. Lake Worth

PALM BEACH LAKES – District 14-6A
9/2 vs. Palm Beach Gardens
9/9 at Santaluces
9/16 at Park Vista
9/23 vs. Olympic Heights*
9/30 vs. Suncoast
10/7 at South Fork*
10/14 bye
10/21 at Sebastian River*
10/28 vs. Okeechobee*
11/4 vs. Forest Hill*
11/11 at Palm Beach Central

PARK VISTA – District 10-8A
9/2 at Santaluces
9/9 vs. Seminole Ridge
9/16 vs. Palm Beach Lakes
9/23 bye
9/30 at Jupiter
10/7 at Palm Beach Central*
10/14 vs. Glades Central
10/21 at Boca Raton*
10/28 vs. Palm Beach Gardens
11/4 vs. John I. Leonard*
11/11 at West Boca Raton

ROYAL PALM BEACH – District 13-7A
9/2 vs. Pahokee
9/9 vs. John I. Leonard
9/16 bye
9/23 at Palm Beach Central
9/30 vs. Santaluces*
10/7 vs. Spanish River*
10/14 at West Boca Raton*
10/21 at Lake Worth*
10/28 vs. Atlantic*
11/4 at Dwyer*
11/11 at Seminole Ridge

SANTALUCES – District 13-7A
9/2 vs. Park Vista
9/9 vs. Palm Beach Lakes
9/16 bye
9/23 vs. Atlantic*
9/30 at Royal Palm Beach*
10/7 at Lake Worth*
10/14 vs. Dwyer*
10/21 vs. Spanish River*
10/28 at Jupiter
11/4 at West Boca Raton*
11/11 at Vero Beach

SEMINOLE RIDGE – District 9-8A
9/2 vs. Palm Beach Central
9/9 at Park Vista
9/16 at Dwyer
9/23 at Wellington*
9/30 bye
10/7 at Pahokee
10/14 vs. John I. Leonard
10/21 vs. Palm Beach Gardens*
10/28 vs. Boca Raton
11/4 at Jupiter*
11/11 vs. Royal Palm Beach

SPANISH RIVER – District 13-7A
9/2 at Suncoast
9/9 vs. Wellington
9/16 vs. Olympic Heights
9/23 vs. Dwyer*
9/30 at Atlantic*
10/7 at Royal Palm Beach*
10/14 vs. Lake Worth*
10/21 at Santaluces*
10/28 vs. West Boca Raton*
11/4 bye
11/11 at Pope John Paul II

SUNCOAST – District 14-5A
9/2 vs. Spanish River
9/9 at Olympic Heights
9/16 vs. Cardinal Newman
9/23 vs. Boynton Beach*
9/30 at Palm Beach Lakes
10/7 at Glades Central*
10/14 vs. Inlet Grove
10/21 bye
10/28 vs. Fort Pierce Westwood*
11/4 at Jensen Beach*
11/11 at John I. Leonard

WELLINGTON – District 9-8A
9/2 vs. Boynton Beach
9/9 at Spanish River
9/16 at John I. Leonard
9/23 vs. Seminole Ridge*
9/30 vs. Palm Beach Central
10/7 at Cardinal Newman
10/14 bye
10/21 vs. Jupiter*
10/28 at Vero Beach
11/4 at Palm Beach Gardens*
11/11 vs. Dwyer

WEST BOCA RATON – District 13-7A
9/2 vs. Boca Raton
9/9 at Palm Beach Gardens
9/16 vs. Lake Worth*
9/23 at Vero Beach
9/30 at Dwyer*
10/7 at Atlantic*
10/14 vs. Royal Palm Beach*
10/21 bye
10/28 at Spanish River*
11/4 vs. Santaluces*
11/11 vs. Park Vista

Note: Football schedules for non-Palm Beach County Athletic Conference teams to come. Non-PBCAC football schools in The Palm Beach Post coverage area: American Heritage, Benjamin, Berean Christian, Boca Raton Christian, Centennial, Clewiston, Fort Pierce Central, Fort Pierce Westwood, Glades Day, Inlet Grove, Jensen Beach, John Carroll, Jupiter Christian, King’s Academy, Martin County, Okeechobee, Pope John Paul II, Port St. Lucie, South Fork, St. Andrew’s, Summit Christian, Treasure Coast and Village Academy.