Posted: 8:56 am Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Welcome to Ahmad Black’s Twitter world 

By Jason Lieser

Florida safety Ahmad Black says he uses Twitter to amuse himself. The fact that the rest of the world enjoys it is merely a byproduct.



Black is one of the Gators’ most frequent tweeters and some of his stuff is pretty funny. Some isn’t.

“Entertainment, keep me entertained,” Black said when asked why he uses Twitter. “I like going on there and just looking at what other people say.

“Entertain myself — while I’m doing it to the world, I guess.”

Follow on Twitter: @PBPjasonlieser

Follow on Twitter: @PBPjasonlieser

Black said Florida coach Urban Meyer does not pay attention to his Twitter account, even though Meyer proclaimed himself, “the manager of the Twitter program of Florida.” (For the record, Meyer does not do his own tweets, but has mastered Facebook).

“I don’t really understand all of it,” Meyer said at Media Day. “We watch it closely, the UAA, not just with football, but with all of our athletes, because I know it’s a different world now. Camera phones, Twitter and Facebook and all that — but if you set a rule you’ve got to enforce it, so we just talk to our kids about character and trying to do the right thing. I’m not going to say you can’t Twitter or whatever, can’t make a phone call to certain people or whatever.”

You can follow Black at @AhmadBlack35. Here are a few of his tweets on life.

On a funny bike mishap he saw:

On realizing how good-looking he is:

On next week’s Miami vs. Ohio State game:

On Alabama having an ESPN show:

On Wendy’s:

On communicating with the other gender:

On his tutor:

On, well, you’ll have to guess. This one required a little editing:

So, welcome to the mind of the college athlete. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

So what other Gators are on Twitter? There’s a few. I’m probably missing some, but here’s a list of players in order of how many followers they have, as well as an estimate on how likely Meyer is to squash their account at some point:

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Player Twitter acct. Followers* Tweets* Likelihood Urban Meyer shuts it down
Ahmad Black @AhmadBlack35 1,119 846 35% — talkative, but benign
Dee Finley @deefin13 506 616 65% — guess what he wants to do to his tutor
Matt Elam @FuturisticKid22 353 76 80% — ripped freshmen class after transfers
Brandon Antwine @bigdawg47 336 8,415 30% — pretty tame overall
Jelani Jenkins @Jelani3Jenkins 173 41 1% — quiet since February
Tyler Murphy @Murphy_Tyler 150 517 9% — mainly kid stuff
Dominique Easley @GatorNique 97 2 1% — last tweet was an LOL in May
Lynden Trail @KT_HEARTBEAT 84 1,850 50% — might shut down his wife’s too
Steven Wilks @SteveWilks42 72 12 10% — mostly nonsense
Cody Riggs @CodyRiggs2 42 51 45% — language a little rough
Gerald Christian @Gchristian32 13 1 0% — Boringest. Twitter. Ever.

* Followers & tweets as of Sept. 1.