Posted: 2:33 pm Monday, September 21st, 2009

Gators angling for a Purell sponsorship 

By Post Staff


Urban Meyer is on high panic alert with the flu hitting the University of Florida’s campus in recent weeks. Saturday, Jeff Demps, Aaron Hernandez and Jermaine Cunningham played with the flu, and today, receivers coach Billy Gonzales was sent home with a 104-degree fever.

“It’s a panic level of a proportion I have never seen before,” Meyer said Sunday.

Senior receiver David Nelson said players were “strongly, strongly, strongly encouraged” to take a flu mist vaccine on Sunday.

But there’s another way the Gators are trying to stay germ-free. See if you can figure it out.

Meyer: “That Purell stuff is everywhere. You can’t walk down the hallway without everyone telling you to do this.”

Tim Tebow: “A lot of Purell on the hands, washing the hands a lot.”

Nelson: “There are Purell bottles probably in everybody’s locker.”

Gonzales: “Every meeting room there is disinfectant. Every time we sit down at dinner there is disinfectant being passed around, as far as Purell, hand sanitizers.”

Said Meyer: “Wish I bought stock in Purell.”