Posted: 9:24 am Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Gators not shying away from talk of an undefeated 2009 season 

By Post Staff

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The Florida Gators are beginning their 104th year as a college football team.

How many times have they had an undefeated season?

Zero. Nada. Never been done in Gainesville.

But hey, no time like the present.

Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes are back for their senior seasons. Seventeen total starters return from last year’s championship team, including 21 of the top 22 players on defense.

The Gators are trying to stay humble and keep their sights on the SEC Championship Game, but there is no doubt that the Gators are shooting for an undefeated season and a third national title in four years. Spikes and Tebow made that clear Thursday morning after the Gators completed their first practice of the 2009 season.

“Man, it’s a big goal. It’s something I think about every day,” said Spikes, who increased his weight to 258 this summer but is now trying to get back down to 240. “That’s one of the reasons I decided to come back for my senior year. I just wanted to re-write history.”

Even the usually humble Tebow said he wants an undefeated season. It’s why he broke into tears last year during his memorable “Promise” speech.

“That would be special, being the first time in Florida history,” Tebow said. “It’s something that we want, but it’s not our goal. We’re not writing that anywhere, we’re not posting that. But obviously when we step on the field, we’re going to want to win, and it’s something that I hope comes true.”