On the roads

Stop! Be courteous at intersections

Hurricane Wilma did more than cut power to traffic lights. It knocked down poles, snapped suspension cables and fried fiber optic cables and circuit boards.

Click above for interactive graphic

Click above for interactive graphic

And because of Katrina and other storms, the few places in the country that make traffic lights couldn’t assemble them fast enough. Even when most were installed, it took weeks to coordinate their timing.

State and local governments have arranged for generators, to run signals, or for portable stop signs. Some will take signals down before the storm, rather than let the storm destroy them, with plans to put them back later.

But you probably can count on many darkened intersections again this year if a severe storm comes our way. By law, such spots must be treated as 4-way stops.

After Wilma, two people in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, and three more elsewhere in Florida, died following collisions.

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